2019: Word of the Year

I was resistant at first, but the trend (is it still a trend at this point?) of choosing a word to guide your year has really grown on me.

2017 was all about commitment. Beyond the obvious part where I got married, I spent a lot of time making decisions and working toward a relatively small amount of goals. In 2018, I did the opposite. The concept of more really stuck out to me in a big way. I said “yes” way more than I ever have, tried all the new things and did A LOT. Both were awesome, but I’m feeling somewhere in the middle for 2019.

Sadly underexposed, but still a fun plate from a few days ago.

Sadly underexposed, but still a fun plate from a few days ago.

Patience sounds nice, but I don’t think it quite fits. Admittedly, all of my activities lately have been helping to cultivate the feeling - crocheting, lettering, job hunting, tintypes…

Even though it feels a little more fitting, follow through doesn’t have a great ring to it. I want to multitask less, and focus more. That even includes only reading one book at a time, which is WAY out of character for me. I may have to bust out a thesaurus, y’all.

Anyone have any good words to share, or suggestions for me?

experiment: Seagull

There's nothing quite like finding a gem in a pawn shop. I spotted this Seagull one day while on the hunt for a new 35mm and was immediately fascinated by it. I'm already a sucker for a TLR, but I especially can't resist one I've never encountered before.

Lucky for me, Hutch snagged it later (for much cheaper than it should have been. Score.) and brought it home as a half birthday gift. The mechanics remind me of a large format camera, and it has a mask that allows you to shoot either 6x6 or 6x4.5 *major heart eyes*. 

In my typical fashion, it took WAY too long to get the film developed. I'm just glad to see it works, no matter how weirdly I messed up the first roll. That's what happens when you count exposures incorrectly and don't discover the mask situation until after you finish the roll. Whoops. 

fixation: Last Frame

I can't speak for anyone else, but on the off-chance I don't shoot the last frame on a roll of film I'm really excited about, I have a tendency to get impatient and just take a picture of the first thing that comes to mind. Sometimes, I get good things. Other times, I start to notice patterns.

Like the fact that I have a gazillion pictures of the fridge. It started off so clean and empty, and just gotten worse even since the most recent of these images... Maybe it's time to take everything down and start fresh. Or start using that last shot for something else.

12 in 12: June 12