2019: Word of the Year

I was resistant at first, but the trend (is it still a trend at this point?) of choosing a word to guide your year has really grown on me.

2017 was all about commitment. Beyond the obvious part where I got married, I spent a lot of time making decisions and working toward a relatively small amount of goals. In 2018, I did the opposite. The concept of more really stuck out to me in a big way. I said “yes” way more than I ever have, tried all the new things and did A LOT. Both were awesome, but I’m feeling somewhere in the middle for 2019.

Sadly underexposed, but still a fun plate from a few days ago.

Sadly underexposed, but still a fun plate from a few days ago.

Patience sounds nice, but I don’t think it quite fits. Admittedly, all of my activities lately have been helping to cultivate the feeling - crocheting, lettering, job hunting, tintypes…

Even though it feels a little more fitting, follow through doesn’t have a great ring to it. I want to multitask less, and focus more. That even includes only reading one book at a time, which is WAY out of character for me. I may have to bust out a thesaurus, y’all.

Anyone have any good words to share, or suggestions for me?

event: AmaCon 2018


For the first time in AmaCon history, I didn't spend the day running around and doing 100 things. Even though being in one place the whole time was very weird, I got to talk to a ton of neat people, and had a good time field testing my portable darkroom set up. 

Not to mention my adorable assistants, and a tiny bit of stalking to make sure I had a chance to photograph Pennywise. 

The red plate was insane to try and scan, but it looks phenomenal in person. Just as creepy as I had envisioned. 

tourist: Alchemy Tintype

Getting a tintype made is probably my favorite Team Hutch anniversary tradition. Last year, when we started planning a trip to Portland instead of Austin during our anniversary month, I thought that the tradition was going to fall by the wayside. Miraculously, Alchemy Tintype happened to have a pop up planned during the week we were visiting. Thanks, Universe! We had a blast with the whole crew, and absolutely love how this year's photo turned out. 

Check out years one and two here, and year four below! 

BrileyDockery 3.jpg