quality time: Sunday Breakfast

Whether we sleep in until 9:30, 3:00, or somewhere in between, we always find time to make breakfast (or brunch as the case may be) on Sunday mornings. Tasty traditions are the best traditions. As are ones that leave you with leftover waffles to get you through the week. 

lately: November Verbs


Thanks to EAST and the impending holidays, work life has spilled into my real life leaving me with very little time, (and let's be honest, motivation) to do much personal work. Usually, I sort out my scans as soon as I get them into groups, or potential projects, but sometimes I get a stray frame here and there. I've got quite a few loose frames bouncing around that haven't really found a home yet, so here they are along with some thoughts on my November so far. 

(Re) Reading: Hold Still - Sally Mann & A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius - Dave Eggers. Both are especially good for gloomy fall days, and nothing new has really struck my fancy lately. 

Listening: Dealer - Foxing. Seriously, on repeat. They're so good, and I want to take photographs for their next album. 

Enjoying: My job that allows me to see so much cool art daily, having super organized proof prints in a cute new box and cool, rainy days making the cat much snugglier than usual. 

Baking: Nine thousand molasses cookies. Plus dark chocolate pomegranate aka my favorite ever cookies. Basically, more cookies than anyone needs in their life ever. 

Making: SO MANY Christmas presents. When I'm frustrated and tired of handmade gifts, someone remind me that I had adorable intentions. 

Wearing: All of the flannel and scarves and boots. Mostly flannel. 

Watching: Parks & Rec for the third or so time. Hutch has never seen it, so it's amusing to hear his reaction to April and Andy's shenanigans, which hit a little close to home on occasion. 

Celebrating: The births of some stellar babes, and best friends a girl could ask for. Hooray for all the fall birthdays that are way better than the usual holidays. 

Planning: To get back to alternative processes after the holiday craziness is over. I miss truly making prints in a major way. 

where you are: Casita Blu Cabins

While in Ingram, I got to experience my first Air BnB. We stayed at the most perfect little cabin directly across from the Guadalupe with a pomegranate tree in the front yard. If I ever get to retire and be a hermit, this is the kind of place I would go, but for now, I'll just settle for nice weekend getaways. 

local: Lumiere Tintype

It's no secret that I'm very into early photographic processes (platinum palladium case in point, here), so it's also no secret that I think Adrian of Lumiere Tintype is one of the coolest photographers out there. When Matt (who is also a STELLAR tintypist) and I started toying with the process, Adrian was nice enough to let us pick his brain about the nuances of the medium. 

About this time last year, after a concert we had planned to go to was cancelled, Hutch and I decided to stop by Lumiere and have our portrait made. 

I'm a sucker for traditions, so we obviously went again.  


After how killer this one is, I can't wait until next year.

excursion: Stonehenge II

Stonehenge II is probably the coolest, strangest thing in all of Ingram, Texas. As if a replica Stonehenge wasn't cool enough, there is also a replica Easter Island statue not too far away in the same field.