event: AmaCon 2018


For the first time in AmaCon history, I didn't spend the day running around and doing 100 things. Even though being in one place the whole time was very weird, I got to talk to a ton of neat people, and had a good time field testing my portable darkroom set up. 

Not to mention my adorable assistants, and a tiny bit of stalking to make sure I had a chance to photograph Pennywise. 

The red plate was insane to try and scan, but it looks phenomenal in person. Just as creepy as I had envisioned. 

senior: DJ

Between the two of our crazy schedules, DJ and I only had about 30 minutes to make this shoot happen. Neither of us back down from a challenge, so we went for it!


It doesn't matter how many fellow Girl Scouts I take senior pictures for, I always think they're too young to be graduating. Even though they make me feel old, I'm always super proud. Congrats on everything, DJ! Hope you'll keep coming by my office to chat about life, even when you're a fancy college gal. ;)

senior: Miranda (part 2!)

Way back in 2013, I traipsed around in the snow with this girl to take her (high school) senior pictures. Now she's not only graduated again, but has already started law school. 


Since those first pictures, she's become even more phenomenal as a human, and still insists on making me wander around with her in frigid temperatures for the sake of pictures. Keep it up, sister. 

portrait: 2 Minute Headshots

It's always a good day when someone asks me to shoot portraits. It's even better getting asked to take 8 portraits.


It starts to get a little more interesting when the headshots need to be done in one day...and the weather is freezing...and the building you work in has terrible lighting and a bad paint job...and all 8 people have very different schedules...

But I'm nothing if not up for a challenge. 

portrait: Regan

Y'all, this girl is an actual fairy princess. 


A fairy princess who gave me the sweetest gift box she assembled before we started shooting. Regan is the last (WHAT) of the camp girls I've had the pleasure of taking senior pictures for. At least until they all start graduating college...(Don't do that. But also call me up.) We may have spent more time wandering around the neighborhood than actually shooting, but we also planned out which houses we were going to own in the future, and what the current owners do to be able to afford them. We're both big dreamers. 

I hope you have a blast in college, cutie pie! I can't wait to hear about all your adventures, and hopefully be the recipient of more of your beyond thoughtful care packages. 

portrait: Kassy and Andrew

I feel like every shoot I do ends up containing "my new favorite pictures." But I mean, come on.

That is obviously my new favorite picture I've taken. 

These two cuties are expecting their first child in July, so I was beyond excited when Kassy asked me to visit, and more importantly document this moment in their lives. I didn't even have to Jedi mind trick her into it!

portrait: Allison on film

Living in a town without a photo lab is painful. And I'm not at all dramatic about it. Sadly, that makes digital shooting the most convenient option. While Allison and I were out shooting her senior pictures earlier this year, she humored me and let me shoot part of the session on film just for fun. 

senior: Madison

Before Madison even got in touch about taking her senior pictures, I had already begun convincing her to take them at Palo Duro Canyon. I met Madison through Girl Scout camp, and knew she would be right at home in the beautiful, rugged scenery. 

We spend several hours down in the canyon, and could have easily spent more. Madison is hands down the most bubbly, passionate person I've ever met. I'm so excited to hear about all of her adventures in college, and see where her dreams take her in the future. 

portrait: Kylie

Chicago might be known as the Windy City, but I'm willing to bet they've got nothing on the Panhandle. I met up with Kylie for coffee (of course), and to take some new headshots for her to use this year. We had hoped to take them outside at WTAMU, but the Texas wind had other plans. 


senior: Allison


In the past few (more than I would like to admit) years, Allison has gone from one of my campers, to my camp aid, to a co-worker. She's the smartest, craftiest, funniest human, and is generally just the cat's pajamas. 

I love that I've gotten to be part of her life lately, and document this time in her life before she runs off to college. Recently, I also had the honor of presenting her with her Gold Award, and seeing her perform in her senior dance recital. Did I mention she does it all?

engagement: Carlee & Kaleb

The first time I met Carlee, I asked her if she had a twin, and proceeded to tell her all about this girl I vaguely knew who looked identical to her. Turns out she isn’t a twin, and it’s just a very small world. Even though we grew up in the same town, had several mutual friends, and went to rival high schools, we didn’t cross paths until we ended up going to the same college (across the state) and meeting more mutual friends who brought us together. In the time since we met freshman year, we’ve stayed close through several moves (one where we got to live together!) and all sorts of hurdles life has thrown at us. 

All of that aside, I’m so glad this small world led her to Kaleb, who is hands down one of the best humans I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. There’s no denying these two complement each other perfectly. 

I’m so lucky that Carlee hasn’t gotten tired of me taking her picture yet, and asked me to spend the day with them to capture some engagement photos. I love you both so much, and know that your continued life together is going to be a blast!

archive: The Twilight Zone

This series of portraits was one of my all time favorite things to work on. 

While re-watching the Twilight Zone episodes for the millionth time a few years back, I decided to convince some friends to pose as iconic characters. They were great sports about the whole thing, and some even appeared more than once, much like some of the actors on the series. I ended up showing platinum palladium prints of the image in my senior exhibition, though the project was later abandoned for other things.