experiment: Camera Obscura

In the midst of all my theory and reading heavy courses this semester, I’m getting the opportunity to take a studio class. It’s been interesting to get back into the swing of making photos with stipulations (and for a grade) again. Our first assignment centered around exploring the human body, and pinhole photography.

Just in case our neighbors didn’t think we were weirdos yet, I covered our bedroom window and got to work.

at home: honey latte

Hello from my new, incredibly photogenic kitchen! Moving may have delayed the holiday decorating a bit, but would you just look at how cute this little festive corner is?! And don’t worry, I may be an Arkansas resident now, but the Texas holiday towels are 1000% on display.


It’s only been a few days of getting settled, but I can already tell I’ll be shooting lots of things in this kitchen. A large chunk of the photos are already of the nice lighting I walked into when I went to make coffee this morning…#sorrynotsorry

Speaking of coffee, we got a neat espresso maker/milk steamer as a wedding present, and I’ve had a good time playing around with it over the last year.

I’m definitely not a coffee expert, but I know what I like and that’s good enough, right? This simple little concoction is one of those things. I mean, how can coffee + honey + milk possibly add up to a bad thing? (It can’t).


It adds up to an especially good thing when you make it with coffee roasted by really cool people you know. I’m not sure I’ve ever purchased anything as immediately as I did when Bean & Burr posted this description:

Flavors of peach, dried apricot, root beer, and marmalade. My wife said it was like drinking a creamy cappuccino in drip coffee form. Seven ounces of Ethiopian Biftu Gudina goodness.”


And let me tell you, they did not disappoint. *major heart eyes*


Not sponsored, just a #fangirl. But, here’s a referral link if you need some Brandless goodies (like organic honey) in your life, or some delicious coffee.

senior: DJ

Between the two of our crazy schedules, DJ and I only had about 30 minutes to make this shoot happen. Neither of us back down from a challenge, so we went for it!


It doesn't matter how many fellow Girl Scouts I take senior pictures for, I always think they're too young to be graduating. Even though they make me feel old, I'm always super proud. Congrats on everything, DJ! Hope you'll keep coming by my office to chat about life, even when you're a fancy college gal. ;)

senior: Miranda (part 2!)

Way back in 2013, I traipsed around in the snow with this girl to take her (high school) senior pictures. Now she's not only graduated again, but has already started law school. 


Since those first pictures, she's become even more phenomenal as a human, and still insists on making me wander around with her in frigid temperatures for the sake of pictures. Keep it up, sister. 

portrait: 2 Minute Headshots

It's always a good day when someone asks me to shoot portraits. It's even better getting asked to take 8 portraits.


It starts to get a little more interesting when the headshots need to be done in one day...and the weather is freezing...and the building you work in has terrible lighting and a bad paint job...and all 8 people have very different schedules...

But I'm nothing if not up for a challenge.