in my bag: Family Reunion

When it comes to certain things, I tend to be an overpacker. There's no use trying to deny it. I'm driving up to Nebraska/South Dakota for a's all the film I think I need to fit into my bag:

  • 35mm Revolog 600nm
  • 35mm CineStill 800Tungsten
  • 35mm Ektar 100
  • 35mm Portra 160, 3 rolls
  • 35mm Ilford HP5 Plus, 2 rolls
  • 35mm Velvia 100, 2 rolls
  • 35mm Provia 100F
  • 35mm Provia 400X
  • Instax Wide, 2 packs
  • Instax Mini (as much as I end up buying)
  • 120 Portra 400, 5 rolls
  • 120 Provia 100F
  • 120 Velvia 100
  • 120 Ilford HP5 Plus
  • 120 Ektar 100

...y'all my 35mm of choice doesn't even function properly as of right now. But, I feel the need to get some good use out of it, even if it means buying out every battery store on the way. 

In other news, it's a good thing I have this week to get my bag in order. It's the tiniest bit of a mess right now. One day I'll buy a bigger one for travel - this one is the cutest, but not the most suited to my travel tendencies.