engagement: Carlee & Kaleb

The first time I met Carlee, I asked her if she had a twin, and proceeded to tell her all about this girl I vaguely knew who looked identical to her. Turns out she isn’t a twin, and it’s just a very small world. Even though we grew up in the same town, had several mutual friends, and went to rival high schools, we didn’t cross paths until we ended up going to the same college (across the state) and meeting more mutual friends who brought us together. In the time since we met freshman year, we’ve stayed close through several moves (one where we got to live together!) and all sorts of hurdles life has thrown at us. 

All of that aside, I’m so glad this small world led her to Kaleb, who is hands down one of the best humans I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. There’s no denying these two complement each other perfectly. 

I’m so lucky that Carlee hasn’t gotten tired of me taking her picture yet, and asked me to spend the day with them to capture some engagement photos. I love you both so much, and know that your continued life together is going to be a blast!