where you are: Cookie Monster House 

During my senior year of high school, the cute, little gray house I grew up in got a fresh paint job. My mom was out of town at the time, and we had vaguely discussed choosing some shade of blue, but when the time came to pick the color, all the pressure was on me. I perused the swatches and picked "blue bloods" entirely based on name, and assured the painter that it was the one and no I didn't want to reconsider, thank you very much. Pleased with my paint choosing skills, I headed out of town to meet up with mom.

Luckily for us, I like any shade of blue way more than any other color. When we got back into town our house was BLUE. Really, REALLY blue. Best decision I've ever made? Possibly.

A couple of years of being in love with the color of our house later, we found out that some of the local college students had taken to calling it, "the Cookie Monster House." I couldn't have come up with a more accurate or fitting name if I tried.