tourist: Roswell

We don't have to talk about how I'm about a year late posting this trip, right? Okay, great.


I love knowing that Roswell is a short day trip away, but also a little sad that I don't go there more often. It's a pretty small place, but I would love to spend more time wandering around and taking in all the kitschy goodness. 

senior: DJ

Between the two of our crazy schedules, DJ and I only had about 30 minutes to make this shoot happen. Neither of us back down from a challenge, so we went for it!


It doesn't matter how many fellow Girl Scouts I take senior pictures for, I always think they're too young to be graduating. Even though they make me feel old, I'm always super proud. Congrats on everything, DJ! Hope you'll keep coming by my office to chat about life, even when you're a fancy college gal. ;)

#hutchesatthedisco: Instax

Surprise, there are still more Instax posts on the horizon. In case last year's daily post from the wedding wasn't enough for you, here's a few more!

senior: Miranda (part 2!)

Way back in 2013, I traipsed around in the snow with this girl to take her (high school) senior pictures. Now she's not only graduated again, but has already started law school. 


Since those first pictures, she's become even more phenomenal as a human, and still insists on making me wander around with her in frigid temperatures for the sake of pictures. Keep it up, sister. 

portrait: 2 Minute Headshots

It's always a good day when someone asks me to shoot portraits. It's even better getting asked to take 8 portraits.


It starts to get a little more interesting when the headshots need to be done in one day...and the weather is freezing...and the building you work in has terrible lighting and a bad paint job...and all 8 people have very different schedules...

But I'm nothing if not up for a challenge. 

tourist: Alchemy Tintype

Getting a tintype made is probably my favorite Team Hutch anniversary tradition. Last year, when we started planning a trip to Portland instead of Austin during our anniversary month, I thought that the tradition was going to fall by the wayside. Miraculously, Alchemy Tintype happened to have a pop up planned during the week we were visiting. Thanks, Universe! We had a blast with the whole crew, and absolutely love how this year's photo turned out. 

Check out years one and two here, and year four below! 

BrileyDockery 3.jpg

2017: favorite frames


I didn't shoot as much as I would have liked this year, but I still had a hard time choosing a few favorite images (and that's still a win in my book). 

in my bag: Family Reunion

When it comes to certain things, I tend to be an overpacker. There's no use trying to deny it. I'm driving up to Nebraska/South Dakota for a's all the film I think I need to fit into my bag:

  • 35mm Revolog 600nm
  • 35mm CineStill 800Tungsten
  • 35mm Ektar 100
  • 35mm Portra 160, 3 rolls
  • 35mm Ilford HP5 Plus, 2 rolls
  • 35mm Velvia 100, 2 rolls
  • 35mm Provia 100F
  • 35mm Provia 400X
  • Instax Wide, 2 packs
  • Instax Mini (as much as I end up buying)
  • 120 Portra 400, 5 rolls
  • 120 Provia 100F
  • 120 Velvia 100
  • 120 Ilford HP5 Plus
  • 120 Ektar 100

...y'all my 35mm of choice doesn't even function properly as of right now. But, I feel the need to get some good use out of it, even if it means buying out every battery store on the way. 

In other news, it's a good thing I have this week to get my bag in order. It's the tiniest bit of a mess right now. One day I'll buy a bigger one for travel - this one is the cutest, but not the most suited to my travel tendencies. 

portrait: Regan

Y'all, this girl is an actual fairy princess. 


A fairy princess who gave me the sweetest gift box she assembled before we started shooting. Regan is the last (WHAT) of the camp girls I've had the pleasure of taking senior pictures for. At least until they all start graduating college...(Don't do that. But also call me up.) We may have spent more time wandering around the neighborhood than actually shooting, but we also planned out which houses we were going to own in the future, and what the current owners do to be able to afford them. We're both big dreamers. 

I hope you have a blast in college, cutie pie! I can't wait to hear about all your adventures, and hopefully be the recipient of more of your beyond thoughtful care packages. 

portrait: Kassy and Andrew

I feel like every shoot I do ends up containing "my new favorite pictures." But I mean, come on.

That is obviously my new favorite picture I've taken. 

These two cuties are expecting their first child in July, so I was beyond excited when Kassy asked me to visit, and more importantly document this moment in their lives. I didn't even have to Jedi mind trick her into it!

film: Silly Mistakes

As I was getting everything ready to shoot Andrew and Kassy's maternity photos, I got so excited that I started a chain reaction of misfortune for a poor, innocent roll of Ektar... 

Hutch made this magic happen.

Hutch made this magic happen.

The trouble started when I opened the roll, got it all ready to load, then realized I had already put a roll in the camera. *facepalm* From there, it bounced around a pocket of my camera bag where it got nice and loose and light leaked. But wait, there's more! 

On the drive home, I gave Hutch a refresher course on loading and shooting. I forgot to mention that the roll was rated for 100, so we shot the whole thing at 400. All that aside, I'm pretty into some of the images that came out of it. 

lately: October Verbs

aka an excuse to share a few completely unrelated images!

Reading: A lot of things, very slowly. The past few weeks have been crazy, so when I actually get time to read, I just end up falling asleep. In fantasy land, I'd like to reread the Series of Unfortunate Events series before the Netflix version premieres in January.  I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but I'm willing to give it a shot. 

Listening: I'm the worst at keeping up with new music. Jamie Woon's Mirrorwriting came out in 2011 (what??), but I've been listening to it again a lot recently. 

Enjoying: Still being a tourist almost a year after moving. I've gone to see Gabriel Dawe's installation (that amazing rainbow to the right) at AMoA more times than I can count, visited the Community Market a few times, and eaten all the delicious local food. 

Baking: Beer bread. Lots of beer bread, and lazy lemon bars. My citrus craving hasn't really gotten the message that it's fall yet. 

Making: Plans for fall traveling. I've been a lot of places this year, but there are still a few months left to squeeze in more road trips. 

Wearing: My new favorite shirt from Jordandene, but more on that later...

Watching: SHAMELESS. The US version. I know I'm late to the party (huge surprise), but I can't stop myself from watching 3+ episodes at a time. Also throw in a little Black Mirror for variety, and I'm set. 

Celebrating: My girl Cynthia's engagement, and returning to the land of breakfast tacos for a quick visit next month. 

Planning: On buying myself some shiny new equipment for Christmas. That wish list is quickly spiraling out of control though. Whoops.