#hutchesatthedisco: Instax

Surprise, there are still more Instax posts on the horizon. In case last year's daily post from the wedding wasn't enough for you, here's a few more!

tourist: Alchemy Tintype

Getting a tintype made is probably my favorite Team Hutch anniversary tradition. Last year, when we started planning a trip to Portland instead of Austin during our anniversary month, I thought that the tradition was going to fall by the wayside. Miraculously, Alchemy Tintype happened to have a pop up planned during the week we were visiting. Thanks, Universe! We had a blast with the whole crew, and absolutely love how this year's photo turned out. 

Check out years one and two here, and year four below! 

BrileyDockery 3.jpg

2017: favorite frames


I didn't shoot as much as I would have liked this year, but I still had a hard time choosing a few favorite images (and that's still a win in my book). 

in the kitchen: Irish Cream

Most, but probably all if we're being honest, of my "brilliant" schemes start out small and manageable. Somehow once my brain gets ahold of them things get out of control.


After perusing our liquor shelf one night, I decided we should add some Irish cream to the selection. Did I put it on the grocery list? No, but I did put all the ingredients to make it myself because that's what a normal human does, right?

I don't know about normal humans, but I do know about delicious beverages. 

And messy kitchens. I definitely know about those. Worth it. 


in the kitchen: Potato Soup

My calendar is filled with all kinds of silly holidays - November alone has 16 days worth celebrating. And that doesn't include Thanksgiving. 

Hutch will claim that I'm ruining his "rep" by revealing that he makes amazing potato soup. I beg to differ, but a tiny bit of rep ruining is totally worth celebrating National Men Make Dinner Day. 

lately: October Verbs

aka an excuse to share a few completely unrelated images!

Reading: A lot of things, very slowly. The past few weeks have been crazy, so when I actually get time to read, I just end up falling asleep. In fantasy land, I'd like to reread the Series of Unfortunate Events series before the Netflix version premieres in January.  I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but I'm willing to give it a shot. 

Listening: I'm the worst at keeping up with new music. Jamie Woon's Mirrorwriting came out in 2011 (what??), but I've been listening to it again a lot recently. 

Enjoying: Still being a tourist almost a year after moving. I've gone to see Gabriel Dawe's installation (that amazing rainbow to the right) at AMoA more times than I can count, visited the Community Market a few times, and eaten all the delicious local food. 

Baking: Beer bread. Lots of beer bread, and lazy lemon bars. My citrus craving hasn't really gotten the message that it's fall yet. 

Making: Plans for fall traveling. I've been a lot of places this year, but there are still a few months left to squeeze in more road trips. 

Wearing: My new favorite shirt from Jordandene, but more on that later...

Watching: SHAMELESS. The US version. I know I'm late to the party (huge surprise), but I can't stop myself from watching 3+ episodes at a time. Also throw in a little Black Mirror for variety, and I'm set. 

Celebrating: My girl Cynthia's engagement, and returning to the land of breakfast tacos for a quick visit next month. 

Planning: On buying myself some shiny new equipment for Christmas. That wish list is quickly spiraling out of control though. Whoops. 

lately: Night Lights

Slide film has always been one of my favorite things. Add middle of the night lights, and I love it even more. 

lately: Pastel Improvements

As if we couldn’t be more 70s, our house now boasts a pink front door, and tie dye sheets have returned to the bedroom. 


I’ve been plotting what color to paint our front door since we moved into the house 6 (!) months ago. It took a lot of back and forth, but we finally settled on a color. Lesson learned: suggest the same color as one of Hutch’s disc golf discs and he’ll instantly agree. 

In other news, ice dying is the coolest/easiest/my new favorite thing. The pillowcases and shirts turned out spectacular, but (like a dummy) I threw the sheets in the dryer before they were totally set, so they’re just a nice shade of not tie dyed periwinkle. Now I just need about 12873 more things to dye and I’ll be set. 

lately: Holiday in Black and White

Shooting for fun since moving has been such a struggle. I haven't liked any pictures in a while, and I've been inconsistent when it comes to even remembering I own cameras. So, I bought myself a new one to combat all of that nonsense. I never thought I'd be so in love with a digital camera, but to my dismay, here we are.

recap: 2015

Saying a lot happened this year would be a massive understatement. I'm not sure how else to sum up this year than with a bunch of numbers, so here goes. In 2015, I:


now playing: 1st Vows - Green EP

I saw Envy on the Coast for the first and only time back in high school, when they instantly secured a spot in my top ten favorite bands of all time. Though their break up broke my poor little heart, I'm glad that their singer has continued to make music since then. The Green EP is Ryan Hunter's second release this year under the 1st Vows moniker, and has been on constant rotation since it came out earlier this month. I may be swamped with the holidays and unpacking, but at least I've got a stellar soundtrack.

recap: November 2015

I feel like I somehow skipped November completely. Between the holidays and moving, I don’t think I had a slow moment the whole month (as evidenced by the fact that I’m posting this halfway through December…). 

Without further ado, I present the things I somehow managed to photograph in November:

An anniversary, a birthday, some work shenanigans, and the first taste of winter weather. Not too shabby. 

quality time: Sunday Breakfast

Whether we sleep in until 9:30, 3:00, or somewhere in between, we always find time to make breakfast (or brunch as the case may be) on Sunday mornings. Tasty traditions are the best traditions. As are ones that leave you with leftover waffles to get you through the week. 

lately: November Verbs


Thanks to EAST and the impending holidays, work life has spilled into my real life leaving me with very little time, (and let's be honest, motivation) to do much personal work. Usually, I sort out my scans as soon as I get them into groups, or potential projects, but sometimes I get a stray frame here and there. I've got quite a few loose frames bouncing around that haven't really found a home yet, so here they are along with some thoughts on my November so far. 

(Re) Reading: Hold Still - Sally Mann & A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius - Dave Eggers. Both are especially good for gloomy fall days, and nothing new has really struck my fancy lately. 

Listening: Dealer - Foxing. Seriously, on repeat. They're so good, and I want to take photographs for their next album. 

Enjoying: My job that allows me to see so much cool art daily, having super organized proof prints in a cute new box and cool, rainy days making the cat much snugglier than usual. 

Baking: Nine thousand molasses cookies. Plus dark chocolate pomegranate aka my favorite ever cookies. Basically, more cookies than anyone needs in their life ever. 

Making: SO MANY Christmas presents. When I'm frustrated and tired of handmade gifts, someone remind me that I had adorable intentions. 

Wearing: All of the flannel and scarves and boots. Mostly flannel. 

Watching: Parks & Rec for the third or so time. Hutch has never seen it, so it's amusing to hear his reaction to April and Andy's shenanigans, which hit a little close to home on occasion. 

Celebrating: The births of some stellar babes, and best friends a girl could ask for. Hooray for all the fall birthdays that are way better than the usual holidays. 

Planning: To get back to alternative processes after the holiday craziness is over. I miss truly making prints in a major way.